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360 Brand

To create an unforgettable DJ'ing experience through music, craft, and storytelling.

WHO IS 360

I'm the man with BIG plans. Music has always played a major part of my life in various ways. My love for music began at the age of 6. As a kid I would dance and sing songs "performing" for my family members as if they were a crowd.  Throughout my life I was told I had an old soul. At the age of 28 now I understand. I see all the car rides blasting oldies with my family payed off because I learned about various types of music. This is what drove my true love for music. 

The start of my DJ career is a point in time I will always remember. DJ'ing started off as a vision like most dreams. I picked up my first DJ controller years ago and never looked back. I started off flipping through YouTube pages adjusting the volume meter back and forth. Years later, I began rocking my college apartment all day and night with my controller connected to a bluetooth speaker. Everyday was a party. I then transitioned to rocking various of crowds! It was funny because it surprised a lot people that I was good at it. They just never saw blood, sweat, tears and determination until that moment.

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